Jonathan & Jennie Winter was born from experiencing and witnessing transformation in our lives and in others.
Real, Rapid, & Radical Transformation that lasts.
People don't need guru's.
Power is within each individual.We don't need to leach it out of others and they don't need to leach it out of us.
Our purpose is to empower others to connect to that inner wellspring of infinite wisdom and power that resides within.

Spiritual Love Hippie

Jennie is a unicorn, rainbow loving free spirit who loves to spend her time playing with her six kids and her amazing husband.

She has a life-long passion for helping people connect to their inner guide and feel deeply and passionately loved. 

Her hobbies include any and all animals, writing, spirituality and the laws of the universe.

Recovering Over-thinker

Jonathan still spends time thinking... but also makes sure live from his heart, not get stuck in his head.

He loves to automate anything he can. If it happens frequently it should be systematized.

The more of the mundane that is automated, the more time can be spent where it really matters - living a purpose-filled life with your loved ones.

When not learning new things or creating and implementing process and systems, he spends his time with his beautiful wife and kids and helping others navigate their life.

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